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Demetrius Morgan and Nia Mitchell during the the sixth consecutive day of protests against police brutality  the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. They happened upon the protest after spending a day together in downtown Detroit. “This has to be the last straw," Morgan said. 

Elaine Cromie | Personal Work 

Bevertone Anyong'a | Personal Work 

Red Rose Florist shop owners Deborah Nelson, 58, and Stan Nelson, 59, in Detroit, Michigan for: The Wall Street Journal 

Med student Emily Otiso in Detroit for: The Star Tribune 

MSU College of Music 

Kemi Dauda for: Vice+ Lenovo's 2020 New Realities Campaign 

John James, a Republican candidate for Senate in Michigan, in July 2020 for The New York Times 

 Fash Bash 2019 for SEEN Magazine 

Roslyn Karamoko, owner of Detroit is the New Black for SEEN Magazine 

Robert Julian-Borchak Williams,42, sits for a portrait with his wife, Melissa Williams, 37, and two daughters Julia,6, and Rosie, 3, at their home in Michigan for:  The New York Times

Nealmonte Alexander for The State News 

Amina Daniels for Crain's Detroit Business 

Jerry Stetina, chief operating officer of A to Z Total Heating and Cooling outside Detroit. The firm filed for bankruptcy protection under a new law for small businesses  for The New York Times

Key'Maura Lewis, 15, and her grandmother Barbara Gilleylen, 59, embrace in their backyard on in Kalamazoo, Michigan for: The New York Times 

Michael Stone, 27, outside of Marygrove College in northwest Detroit for: NBC News 

Jeremiah Hess, Senior Director of Accounting & Finance for: Crain's Detroit Business

‘Auntie Na’ at her home in Detroit, Michigan for: The Globe and Mail

Dominique McClain, 27, and Jeremiah White, 28, during a Juneteenth Freedom Rally in  Detroit, Michigan for: Medium 

Domonique, 2020

Michael, 19,  stands for a portrait at his girlfriend’s home on Nov. 12, 2020 in Kalamazoo, Mich. He was recently at Lakeside Academy, a youth facility in Kalamazoo Michigan before it was shutdown in April after 16-year-old, Cornelius Fredricks was killed by staff suffocating him as he cried out, “I can’t breathe,” according to surveillance footage and a civil lawsuit. Fredericks died of cardiac arrest two days later. “Sometimes it’s just the right time to speak up and say something,” said Michael. for: San Francisco Chronicle 

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